Here are just a few of CHNs frequently asked questions! If you can't find and answer here or on the Rules Page then email me and I will get back to you As Soon As Possible.

Your Horses will age....
Your horses will age twice a year. The first of Jan. and the first of July. This is at the beggining of each sim year.

How old can they get?
This is no set limit on the age of your horse. However, at twenty and above your horse joins the randome drawing for horse death. [ We currently have very few horses above this cut off so the rules my change as the numbers increase. ] The drawing takes place every other month. The total number of horses above twenty is multiplied by 3 before a randome number is chosen, this means that there is only a 1 in 3 chance that any horse will be eliminated in the draw.
You want to breed, huh....
OK, first of all the breeding rules:
1: While your mare is pregnant she can't compete in shows or races.
2: You can't breed geldings!!!
3: Your mare can have only one pregnancy per sim year.
4: A pregnancy lasts about seven weeks.

OK, now how to breed:

5: If you sale your mare during the pregnancy the foal is sold also.

6: And finally, A mare must be at least 4 before breeding. You can breed any stallion over 3 as well. However You cannot breed any mare over 30, and it is dangerous to breed a mare over 20!

How much money do I start with?
Money: Each member starts the game with $100,000 sim dollers.

Want a farm....
You have to buy land to build a house, barn ect, visit the Bureau of CHN Land to do this.
Then you can build as meny barns as you like, get as much land as you like and build more then one house. To build go to the bottom of your member page, to your deeds and select 'Build' on the deed you wish to add to.

What are disasters?....
Disasters are explained in depth on the disasters page... in short... they are mishaps that can occur to your animals and/or property.

Want to import Horses from other games?
Visit the CHN Import office to Import horses! There are two divisions. The CHN Restricted Import office imports horse breeds that have reached over 200 horses in CHN and will cost significantly more. The CHN Import Office can be used to import all other breeds. See the Main menu under Purchse Horses or Pets.

How long can my horse show/race/steeplechase?....
The age varies for the sports:
  • Horses can Race until age 7.
  • Horses can Steeplechase until age 9.
  • Horses can participate in shows until age 17.

What are the Five Star Rankings about?....

The stars you see at the top of member pages are indicators of how long a member has gone without being fined by the ARAC.

The ranks are thus:
  1. Platinum - Acheived after Six Months
    Looks like:

  2. Gold - Acheived after Four Months
    Looks like:

  3. Silver - Acheived after 75 Days
    Looks like:

  4. Bronze - Acheived after 30 Days
    Looks like:

  5. Blank - Displayed during 0 - 30 days
    Looks like: