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About CHN

CHN was created by a horse nut for any and all horse nuts that wish to join our community. We have players of all ages in our community of horse lovers! CHN was established in 1999 as a very small network of pages, as my HTML and coding skills have improved so has the pages. CHN is continuelly under going changes and upgrades as members or myself present new and exciting ideas for the game. It does not now and never has cost anything to play CHN, however at this point I the owner of CHN am paying out money to keep it going. I enjoy updating the pages for this game, and hope to keep it running for many more years.

I, Jennifer Renee Holt aka Horsesoul8, the founder of CHN am a graduate of Oklahoma Wesleyan University []. I have a Bachelors degree in computer science/mathematics. I purchased my first home, in my Hometown, Oct. 2009, and my first car in Oct. 2010. I have started my new job with ConocoPhillips (Now with Phillips66) in 2012. My disabled mother lives with me. I have two siblings, a brother and a sister. My brother was Navy man but is now taking college classes in Virginia He is divorced from the mother of his children, his two children were born in Japan and currently live in Japan with their mother. You may be asking, what about your dad? My father died in 1995 after a prolonged battle with cancer, 11 years of battle. I am a complete horse nut, who unfortunently is horseless. After my fathers death I was able to take riding lessons, but once we lost the social security income I was forced to stop, I miss those lessons but alas life has not yet provided me with an option to resume riding. I have lots of pets, five dogs, and six cats. Jupiter: Hound Mix. Atlas: Long Haired Chahuahua. Duncan Idaho: Long Haired Chahuahua. Capitan: Red Heeler Mix. Oscar: Scottish Terrier. Spica: Gray and White cat. Midnight: Black cat. Declin: Orange Tabby Cat. Luna: Grey Tabby Cat. Marshall: White, Blue Eyes. Barney: Grey Tabby. Do I love animals? Absolutely. (Will I hurt my mother if she brings home any more? Absolutely.)