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Hi, I'm Horsesoul8, Owner and founder of CHN. I Have spent alot of time trying to improve and make CHN. So if you think you may be interested in this game please read the rules before joining.
I know a lot of rules are not fun, so we only have a few basic rules:

Please note that if you are underage we ask that you discuse the possible joining of the game with your parents, they should be aware at all times what you are participating in! If you parents wish to know more about the game before joining I suggest reading this page as well as the About CHN Page, and possible the FAQs page.

  1. Absolutly no inappropriate language on any Message Board, email, or form in the game!! This rule is the most important, if broken it can mean expulsion from the game. [If you are expelled from CHN your IP address will be added to our no access list!]

  2. No name calling, or rude comments to any other member whatsoever! If another member is doing something you don't like report it to me. If I get too many reports about any member, from other members, about this type of behavior it can mean expulsion!

  3. Any member can have as meny horses as they can support with their income and savings. There is no LIMIT.

  4. You can have as meny jobs as you can handle, but please don't take on too much.

  5. You provide feed and water (via purchasing your own stable or boarding). Each horse must also visit with the vet and farrier. Members not doing this are in danger of ARAC fines.

  6. Money: Each member starts the game with $100,000 sim dollers. Not so much a rule I guess, just a very important fact.

  7. Any member who has been inactive for over a month will be removed from the game. Unless the member previously told me they would be gone. [The only exception is that people who do not CONFIRM their join will be removed after five days from my pending list.]

Thats all the important stuff, there is more information pertaining to feed, breeding ect., in the FAQ section. You only need to read that information as you get to these activites. When you are ready for a new activity that you think may have rules or limitations read the FAQ page for it. THANKS!!

I have read the basic CHN rules and would now like to join!